MonGeoCat has been developed to support MRPAM’s goal to improve geo-information delivery to users, in line with international best practice. Access to authoritative pre-competitive geological information reduces the risks associated with extractives exploration and increases the attractiveness of a country for exploration companies

What is MonGeoCat?

  • MonGeoCat provides access to metadata of geological information available at MRITC of MRPAM.
  • Metadata is a brief description of data and documents, providing basic information on who, what, when, where, why and how
  • This integrated system serves as an information catalogue and consists of 2 interfaces


The first is a web-based map interface which enables spatial searching with a WebGIS (Geographic Information System). It is based on the ArcGIS platform which is used for mapping and spatial analysis


The second interface is a metadata-catalogue which enables searching for basic characteristics of documents. It is based on GeoNetwork, catalogue application to manage spatially referenced resources

What does the system provide?

Available in English and Mongolian languages for all Internet users without registration requirements Easy switching between the web map and metadata-catalogue interfaces
Spatial search on WebGIS Various types of base-maps, small scale geological maps, satellite imagery, mineral deposits, open street maps and others

Search the metadata-catalogue using various search functions: Information about datasets such as author, custodian, location, size, format, language, relation to other documents, exploration-specific information, geographic references to the area the documents refer to, types of data included in text documents, access restrictions, and so on
How the system works?

The integrated system has online access and the main commands are on the ArcGIS platform

Easy switching between the WebGIS and metadata-catalogue interfaces
The integrated system has online access and the main commands are on the ArcGIS platform

Operational map layers are linked to the complete metadata of documents stored in a database


Most of the documents and data whose metadata are shown in MonGeoCat can be found, reviewed and copied at MRPAM's geological archive. Note that fees may apply for review and copying.
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MonGeoCat has been developed with the support of the Australian Government funded Australia-Mongolia Extractives Program (AMEP). Developed by: Oyuny Tsomorlig Impex LLC